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U.S. Law Shield


As a firearms advocate and educator I feel it is my responsibility to promote responsible firearms use – that includes what to do if you ever find yourself having to use your firearm.  Unless you have an extra $50,000.00 laying around this program just makes good sense.

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Member Benefits

 Legal Representation – If you “use” a firearm or any legal weapon in your membership state under the U.S. Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program, our program attorneys will represent you in any legal proceeding (criminal or civil), for zero attorneys’ fees. This includes all criminal charges arising from a “use” of a gun or any legal weapon.  All Police Investigations, All Pretrial Proceedings, Trial, both Criminal and Civil
 Experienced Lawyers – Our firearms program lawyers, located throughout the various states, are experienced lawyers in their field and care deeply about all of our Second Amendment rights and the zealous representation of our Members – their clients.
 Ask An Attorney Forum Access – As a Member, you will be able to post any question in our forums. Our program attorneys are very active in the forums and are there to answer your questions.
 Emergency Attorney Access – When seconds count and our Members dial the U.S. Law Shield emergency hotline number, they are talking directly to a U.S. Law Shield Firearms Legal Defense Program Attorney. A pillar of our program is instant access to an attorney after a firearms use 24/7/365.
 Legal Updates – Receive periodic updates on laws affecting gun owners’ rights and changes in firearms law. A key component of our firearms program is education. We will help keep you up to date on important legal changes.
 Peace Of Mind – NO worrying about outrageous legal fees. NO worrying about finding an experienced attorney. Criminal and civil, we’ve got your back.