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Why do I need someone to receive a firearm for me?
» In order to have a firearm shipped to you the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms must approve or issue what is called an FFL (Ferderal Fireams License) to a person or company to act as a dealer. Only FFL holders are able to ship and receive firearms and must conduct background checks for purchases, transfers and in other specific circumstances.

So, if you have gone to say… or, won an auction or made a purchase you need to have an FFL receive this item for you. Targets & Tuners basically acts as your agent during this transfer process.

Do you handle suppressors or NFA items?
» Yes, we do.

Can you provide advice on NFA trusts?
» We can provide information, yet we can not set up NFA trusts for you. We will happily recommend someone who can.

What are the prices?
» Standard transfers are $30.00, including the CBI check.
NFA transfers are $50.00, including the CBI check.