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Firearms & Transfers


Why do I need someone to receive a firearm for me?

In order to have a firearm shipped to you the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms must approve or issue what is called an FFL (Federal Firearms License) to a person or company to act as a dealer. Only FFL holders are able to ship and receive firearms and must conduct background checks for purchases, transfers and in other specific circumstances.

So, if you have gone to say… or, won an auction or made a purchase you need to have an FFL receive this item for you. Targets & Tuners basically acts as your agent during this transfer process.

NOTE: As of February 1, 2018 the CBI has raised the price of background checks by 250%, therefore we must increase our transfer fee for pistols and long guns to $40.00.  We apologize for the inconvenience and the increase.

Notary services?  We have you covered.

Setting up an NFA Trust – we can make recommendations and handle your notary needs for this as well.

NFA transfers and sales – yes… we can do that too.

In addition to transfers, Targets & Tuners can special order just about anything you may desire. Contact us and let us know what you had in mind, we can get you a quote and then place your order. Most orders arrive in 1 or 2 business days. Many firearms also have a Lifetime Replacement Policy – inquire with us for details on this.

Do you have guns sitting around that you want to sell? Targets & Tuners can do consignment sales for you. The fee for this service is a flat 10% of the selling price or a minimum of $50.00 per item which ever is higher (plus any associated fees for making it ready to sell or for advertising). Why would you sell a gun this way? Targets & Tuners LLC is a FFL dealer – we take care of the necessary legal paperwork and conduct a background check on all purchasers (unless it is out of state – then it is the responsibility of the transferring FFL dealer to take care of that). This way you can feel confident that the person getting the gun is legally approved to make the purchase.

What about discounted firearms? Yes, from time to time we get deals on guns that may have blemishes – this can mean great savings for you. If you are interested in something, let us know and we will keep an eye out for you as stock changes constantly.

Targets & Tuners also does light Gunsmithing to customize or accessorize your old or new firearm. Do you need new optics? Sling mounts? New grips? Detailed cleaning or inspection? No problem.

A note on Firearm Transfers: If a background check is not passed and the appeal is not handled within 30 days of notification of not passing, the item becomes the property of Targets & Tuners, without recourse. You may choose to contact the original seller and try to arrange a return, this will incur not only the background check fee of $30.00 but a shipping and handling fee of not less than $25.00 for handguns and $35.00 for long guns, plus the actual shipping fee.